Tuesday, January 20, 2015

A Redpoll in town tops the Canada Geese observations (Prospect)

I was in the midst of writing the Canada Geese report on the ballfields during my lunch hour when Rob Bate's twitter tweet came thru: A COMMON REDPOLL  !  A single bird was spotted on the mugwort next to the Well House Drive shipping containers ( where two are present ) by a dirt mound ( used for the ballfields) . Hurrying down in my slow Toro, I parked my vehicle a ways on Well Drive to avoid spooking the Redpoll , and walked the rest of the 300 feet .But in vain, as I approached , the REDPOLL took off a mere 10 seconds away before I got there. It took off across the Lake to the south side  as Rob Bate observed it.Well ...drat to that.

With Redpolls reported in East end Long Island and Staten Island, its good bet they or the single bird  may stick around. The feeders is one very good spot for thistle is their favorite staple along with birch catkins and sweetgum trees. Check also the latter in the park, one site is the trio by West Island rustic shelter for example. Good luck and report to me if you can.

The ballfields are loaded with Canada Geese, at least 400 birds but among them some interesting observations.

One includes Karen O'Hearn's variant LESSER CANADA GOOSE with some intermediate types , the bird seen yesterday on Prospect Lake. Its smaller than the surrounding typical birds.It also from my vantage has a darker overall complexion especially on its back.There are variables regarding plumages with this subspecies.

Second, theres now a Canada Goose with a orange neck band. Y3T4 was the code and I sent this info in to Patuxent Bird Band Lab. 2-4 weeks before a reply comes back.

Kingsboider note:  The last Redpoll sighting In Prospect was 4/6/2013. Along the Zoo perimeter observer Keir Randall .Winter 2012/2013 was a very good season with over 25 reports in Prospect park beginning 12/3 peaked with 7 seen Jan 6th 2013