Saturday, January 3, 2015

Windy Bush Terminal Pier Park Jan 2nd

Winter wind when strong is always a challenge; its hard to look,the scope shakes and you get all teary eye when the wind blows in your face.

Bush Terminal Park becoming a renown winter spot isn't offering much cover from wind. Despite the absence of the Eurasian Wigeon,nevertheless 9 species of duck helps make the day enjoyable. When its low tide,more gulls gather on low structures or exposed rocks and pilings. I didn't see anything special but the drat strong wind wasn't helpful. In the impoundment pools when gulls gather on the low tide,we did spot one KILLDEER along the grassy marsh side. The south cove always have the flocks of Bufflehead and Lesser Scaup ,among them I also found 5 Greater Scaup.

I hope the park will get more native plantings for the purpose of attracting land birds year round.

Observers ,Peter D,Mary E