Saturday, January 24, 2015

Prospect snows brings in good birds

A second hand report of two BALD EAGLES duck hunting at Prospect Lake hilights the early morning news whereas in the afternoon three COMMON MERGANSERS flying over the Lake made this the hot spot today.

Some dogwalkers mentioned to park employee Martin in a text they watched two Bald Eagles perched initially at Well Drive or flying over there went after the ducks.It must have been a frenzied scene as snows and rain mix fell.Details are sketchy .

I ventured out later in the day and enjoyed the winter stroll. Other than a bunch of Northern Shovelers and Canada Geese some small lesser types ,it was quiet. The feeders were active with FOX SPARROW top bird. Another look at the Lake for the hope of a quality gull,instead had mesipotting three slim ducks f!ying due west over the lake, COMMON MERGANSERS that never descended,kept going over Vanderbilt St.