Tuesday, January 6, 2015

the coming cold blast

Just like the birds are anticipating an arctic cold blast, they are feeding up pretty
busily. A highly active feeders with frenzied birds all about this late after noon had me watching for twenty minutes.

I counted 14 species of birds,pretty good for the duration. Most numerous was the RED WINGED BLACKBIRD, 15 birds  backed by two COMMON GRACKLE.All the usual species I would expect this time of year but a heck of fun to watch the feeder birds as the park sleeps.

Well not entirely sleepy : I saw two raptors in pursuit of ,yes ,food. Over the Nethermead an adult COOPERS HAWK chased a starling flock. Then by the feeders I saw a REDTAILED HAWK fly low descending to the east end of Breeze Hill..

Bundle up,Stay warm...