Sunday, January 4, 2015

Prospect on the marginal

Two species reported were on the marginal yet were unconfirmed means we have to be on the lookout with winter special visitors.

A report of Cackling Goose and also Lesser Black Backed Gull couldn't materialized into concrete identities. But  it's worth the effort to keep the sharp eye out and getting the word forward. In the ballfields , many geese were present some smaller than average but birders couldn't confirm the Cracklings. On Prospect Lake, a Larus gull species couldn't be definitely confirmed, being a juvenile and distant likely Lesser Black Back Gull. Nows the time to watch the lake on a regular basis.

What is definite is the drake COMMON MERGANSER on Prospect Lake.Its nice to see this good duck stick around to make things a little interesting in the park.