Saturday, January 17, 2015

Fwd: Brooklyn raptors

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It was a good day for raptors in Brooklyn. This morning I saw a Peregrine over Pier One at Brooklyn Bridge Park and Brooklyn Heights and a Cooper's Hawk over the BQE and Congress St., a block from my apartment, scaring up local flocks of pigeons. In the afternoon on Terrace Bridge in Prospect, we watched a Merlin harried from tree to tree by one to half a dozen Blue Jays, finally chased away from area of the bird feeders. This was the third weekend in a row I've seen a Merlin in Prospect. A Red-tailed Hawk was noted over Quaker Ridge and a Peregrine was perched on the FDNY tower on Washington Ave. Walking across the Gowanus, I saw a Red-tailed hawk perched on the top of St. Agnes Church in Carroll Gardens. Last weekend also had a RTH up there as well.

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