Tuesday, January 13, 2015

raptor coolness

The walk home from work these days are very much quiet with winter in control.So, a fun walk it was today with three raptors out.

I passed by the pines at the southwest corner of the Nethermead. It did have a Redtailed hawk last week well hidden close to the trunk . Today, i didn't see anything from below and walked on but decided to look back from a distance. And in that pine there was a hawk. It stared at me suddenly wary of me and took off from its close conifer confines. Off towards a tree in the lullwater, i noted it was a juvenile COOPERS HAWK.

And later now I'm past the frozen lake with only an opening at the south end. Viewing that opening full of Northern Shovelers,i turn towards home,passing under the trio sweetgum trees where sparrows gathered to feed upon the ground seeds. While watching the birds ,suddenly a flash and all the birds flew into the phragmites including one over sized bird perching in the phrags as well.I was curious and after a moment realized it was an immature SHARPSHINNED HAWK!
It obviously failed catching a sparrow and then flew off after towards the Horse Tamers park circle entrance.

The third raptor was the Redtailed Hawk over the ballfields where hordes of canada geese don't care what's above.