Saturday, November 12, 2016

A looooonnng time for that duck!

The first reappearance of LONG TAILED DUCK on Prospect Lake in 64 years was a long time coming.And what a spectacular find that I hardly believed my eyes when I spotted it at the West shore of Duck Island in southeastern Prospect Lake.

Moments before my discovery I was telling Karen O' hearn during late fall into winter,one needs to check the Lake everyday to hope finding a rare species.How prophetic I was when just a mere 15 minutes later, I did a double take initially from the Three sisters area and I got closer with my scope to confirm the species sitting calmly on the water. A gorgeous Drake Long tailed Duck right there! It cooperated well giving Karen a good opportunity to photographed it.

After watching the duck for awhile,we proceeded for the Lefrak rink greenroof.Up there along the path by the south chimney,Karen spotted 5he continuing ORANGE CROWNED WARBLER, feeding within an aster and bee balm Wildflower cluster.t

Both of us continued an uneventful circuit of the lake and stopped at the west shore.In my scope i found the now distant Long Tailed Duck but in my line of view there is a pair of hen HOODED MERGANSERS in the lake center. Later I read several other birders also saw the Long tailed in the later afternoon.