Friday, November 25, 2016

better in the park

ON  this Black Friday when shoppers go really crazy, its far better birding in the park.Eni and Vinnie Falci had the right idea.

First item midmorning was an ORANGE CROWNED WARBLER they saw very well in the mugwort adjacent to the Peninsula point rustic shelter. I got there too late after I was alerted. What I did find later was a NORTHERN Mockingbird in that spot, plucking multi flora rose berries ( hence why we have them invasive  rose bushes all over the place.) Eni noted this WARBLER was quite yellowish, different from another ORANGE CROWNED WARBLER seen yesterday also on the Peninsula near the meadow.

Besides the warbler, HOODED MERGANSERS grace Prospect Lake. Eni and Vinnie reported them to me, as I found later to be a small flock of two hen and two Drake ,out in the center. The number and gender changed from  yesterday' s sighting of seven hen. So obviously the holiday travelers is in flux.

With not much around, these two highlights of today is the antidote of holiday shopping frenzy rush.