Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Yes Virginia there are Bad weather birders....

Excuse my pun regarding the famous story in the NY Sun about whether there is a Santa clause... ( well that's up to you    :)  ).. But I can say there are bad weather birders.I confess I'm one of them. If I wasn't working or too busy , at least I would be out there birding for the good bird.

Bad weather brings down birds.And sometimes you do get a good bird as a reward. Kathy Toomey today had the right idea. This early afternoon, she found an uncommon AMERICAN TREE SPARROW in the rain soaked green roof above the Lefrak (Lakeside) Rink . It's not an ultra rare bird, but this species doesn't always show up in Prospect . So kudos to bad weather birders. ( but they don't wear red).