Tuesday, November 15, 2016

storm push

Our esteemed guest Mr LongTailed Duck looks like it took heed of the incoming storm and took off. While i had a few minutes from work time , I scanned the lake and didnt see the LT Duck anywhere. Even if it hunkered in the reeds, it would have stuck out given its striking plumage.

As compensation, I did see a mixed pair of GADWALL off the southeast end of the Peninsula thumb. RUDDY DUCK and NORTHERN SHOVELER continue to be the dominant lake species while a DOUBLE RESTED CORMORANT looked lonely sitting on the red buoy by the Peninsula rustic shelter.

At the "hammerhead" east cove ( facing Three Sisters Islands), there was a darkish sparrow like bird I flushed from the shore edge and it flew into a small phragmite patch . It stayed in there not offering me any good looks, a furtive little creature. I presumed it most likely was a Swamp Sparrow. ( I hope!). Having no patience with the pelting ice cold rain and wet gloves I took off.