Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Duck weather at Prospect Lake

These cold brisk northwesterly winds at our discomfort for cold fingers do bring good things: ducks! This afternoon , a nice variety to see on Prospect Lake had newcomers besides the usual quack suspects.

In the center of the lake, there is a handsome species, a favorite of mine. Five HOODED MERGANSERS of two Drake and three hen are close knit in the biting winds. Then to the southwestern area ,among the abundance of NORTHERN SHOVELERS, two drake GADWALL stood out. After tweeting both species ,I ran into Karen and Kathy. They mentioned to me that the lingering RING NECKED DUCK was in the West cove. I soon sauntered over there but I was unable to relocate the bird.

To add to the newcomer list, there is the PIED BILLED GREBE, Thanks to Karen and Kathy for the tip off, I did find this GREBE, near the Hoodies.

Yep it's duck weather and because it's the favorite season for winter birders, there's  this DUCK tally: HOODED MERGANSER, GADWALL,RING NECKED, RUDDY ,BLACK,MALLARD, and NORTHERN SHOVELER on Prospect Lake,a lucky seven.