Sunday, November 25, 2018

Finch fest on feeders Sunday

About the outstanding sight for me today was seeing four species finch on one feeder. Leading the finch line was a single PINE SISKIN.

A busy Prospect feeders Sunday on a then sunny moment highlighted a single mesh feeder holding the Siskin,three Purple Finches including one bright male along with American Goldfinches and usual House Finch. A feeder over had its lid open and at one point two American Goldfinches were inside eating,using the lid as their protective cover.Another wonderful sighting had the bright raspberry colored Purple Finch perched on the suet feeder,facing the sun,an astounding illumination!

An Eastern Towhee male continues at the feeders. It would hop out from the perimeter joining a Fox Sparrow near the feeders pole. I included the list below Prospect Feeders from ebird link . I use" Prospect Feeders" pin for getting a better sense what is visiting the feeders over the years and I encourage you do it as well instead of the more general Prospect Park checklist.

The other good spot in the park is Quaker Cemetery main gate. Earlier Ryan G. reported several Pine SISKINS mingling with a goldfinch and juncos flock on the cemetery drive in. There's plenty of leaf clutter that shield the seeds of the big overshadowing Sweetgum tree, winter's food hoard. Check them all in the park whenever you can for winter finches. In 2014, Crossbills preyed on the Prospect sweetgums.

Ryan also reported eight Fox Sparrows by the cemetery gate. This area with the dense leaf clutter is exactly the double clutch sparrows like here.

Enjoy your week.