Monday, November 26, 2018

Surprising Black Vulture

On dreary Monday, (particularly if you have to return to work after the holiday weekend), a surprising BLACK VULTURE appeared over Lookout Hill today .

Will Pollard reported a Black Vulture flyover this morning over Lookout Hill. With its diagnostic off white wingtips, this species isn't hard to identify. It's not the first time around this time of year a Black Vulture comes around; we even had a few in midwinter in recent years. But nevertheless its a rare find now.

In another highlight , one of my coworkers reported watching a park visitor released an AMERICAN WOODCOCK; I was told it was released near the Lakeside center. The woman was observed carrying a box and that aroused my coworkers suspicions. What's bizarre was the woman found the bird in Manhattan at 59th street and bought it all the way to Prospect for the release. Brooklyn must be prime Timberdoodle country ? The woodcock I was told was fine and did its iconoclastic dance after wards. Well that's good news...