Thursday, November 29, 2018

Overdue Redhead Ducks come to town

For Prospect Lake's large size, we would think Redhead Ducks would be more generous coming here. But they aren't common here ( just like the Northern Pintail), But I received a report from Kathy Toomey they came in this afternoon.

The report from Kathy says the REDHEADS--number not yet known -- are located between the Peninsula thumb and the meadow. More specifically towards the wood bench at the Peninsula's meadow. These are the first here since December 28th, 2015 with a single bird seen by Dennis H..Before that it was 8 years , 6 birds on Nov 27th, 2007. As soon as 330 pm strikes, I'm quickly out  of my office to see the ducks, my favorite species.

In other news , the feeders saw 5 PINE SISKINS. Nomadic birds as they are, lets hope these siskins stick around awhile. Purple Finches are also present with the usual nice numbers.