Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Prospect feeders pre Thanksgiving

The Prospect feeders are getting their renown.It looks like the first Pine Siskin earlier in the midweek sent out an all points bulletin about Prospect's feeders as today birders saw an uptick in finchy numbers.

First it was "purple rain". After I added a suet cake, about 5 minutes later, 7 female PURPLE FINCHES arrived to tackle the sunflower feeders. Mostly sticking to the  feeder next to the red feeder, a male Purple Finch came later to make it eight birds. That's a good sighting !

Then mid morning as I was tending to my work task, Will Polllard tweeted out an excellent number of PINE SISKINS, five birds that later on seen in a photo posted on Facebook group Brooklyn Urban Birders, visited the thistle feeders. Come on in guys, plenty to consume!

After a second look with other birders for the siskin sighting, we lucked out as a COOPERS HAWK buzzed in trying to catch a prey. After the raptor intrusion, the feeders site became quiet for awhile.

A variety of other stuff now creates a beehive on and under the feeders. Chickadee, Nuthatch,Titmouse, Red bellied woodpecker with below ground foragers 3 FOX SPARROWS, White throat ed Sparrows, and a nice sighting of a male EASTERN TOWHEE. Its going to be a good feeder holiday tomorrow with the very cold snap fore casted.

Aside the feeders, Rob Bate reported Siskins at Quaker Cemetery. In a Sweet gum tree, with their delectable seed balls that cater to finches , a mixed flock of SISKINS and GOLDFINCHES were seen high up just inside the Cemetery main gate. Look for sweet gum trees now the hot zones for winter finches besides the feeders.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving and all the blessings the holiday brings.

Update : one of the Pine Siskins seen by Will maybe a "Green Morph"   see the link :