Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Prospect Bird feeders new season

I'm delighted to announce that the Prospect Bird feeders are now up!

Just a few details and rules to relay.

The feeders are contingent on the generosity of birders and need donations for bird seed  be it black oil sunflower or thistle seed ( and occasional suet packs). I'm gratified that the Brooklyn Bird club has given me $100 to start the season for seed I purchased over the weekend. The rest is up to you ! Seed or cash donations are encouraged!  In addition, seed from outside NYC is generally cheeper than store brands here. For example: at Lowe's in Red Hook, a 40 lb bag cost $18.99. Thistle at 10 lbs is $13.49 but could be cheeper from other rural areas., especially at a warehoused stockhouse or wholesaler.

now a few rules.

Under no condition should anyone go into the feeder area. The feeders and site is maintained and refilled only by an authorized park employee ( namely me). No photographers inside the fence. The feeders are close enough for a zoom photo from the fence. Feeders will be only refilled once a week . This timetable allows for seed to be mostly consumed without wet seed left behind as weather takes its course; furthermore i have a busy work schedule. so please no contacting me when the feeders may be empty quickly. I'll get around to it Fridays .

If you see anything amiss like intrusion, kindly let the person know of the restriction; and email or text me the issue. There may be a other things like damage feeders, damaged fence or blow down limb, etc. Contact me via cell or email asap. If u don't have my info,email the Brooklyn Bird Club.

We should be grateful towards the Prospect Park Alliance for the use of the area and feeders existence every year.

Enjoy the exciting new season. Here's hoping we see rare winter finches this season!

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