Friday, May 3, 2019

eBird Checklist - 3 May 2019 - Prospect Park - 25 species.

One of benefits of rain in Prospect Park is the quiet and lack of crowds. Such was my late afternoon walk that I relished cause quiet means more birds out in the open.

The Peninsula usually impacted by people and four leggeds on a Friday afternoon was noticeably quiet. Before entering the woods along the lake side I spotted a SPOTTED SANDPIPER on the shoreline. Then shortly after at the trail junction inside the woods, my season' s first VEERY. Immediately a HERMIT THRUSH and GRAY CATBIRD joined the VEERY. Doing my circuitous route,stopping at the tip,I was amused to see an EASTERN KINGBIRD perched on the seat of one of those plastic recreation boats. I also lucked in seeingsa RED-BREASTED NUTHATCH above the road fork in the wooded Peninsula center.And last by the pink beach, a NORTHERN WATERTHUSH crossed a path,a warbler I was hoping to see.

Little by little as I bird the spring season,I'll rack up my warbler list. But for now enjoying the beauty of spring migration is the paramount goal.