Saturday, May 25, 2019

Oporornis day

Two warbler species from the oporornis family made appearances in Prospect and Greenwood cemetery.Those were the highlights of a drastically drawn down migration nowadays.

A MOURNING WARBLER was heard singing at the lower section of the Switch back trail near Maryland monument. Ed Crowne of course was the discover. I'm not sure if the skulky Mourning was seen in that dense foliage. The same bird or a second was possibly heard again at Butterfly Meadows west slope.

The there is the other oporornis, KENTUCKY WARBLER. For the second time this spring and in the same spot unless it's the same bird making three week rounds  ,the singing KENTUCKY gave some views at Greenwood Cemetery Sylvan Waters south side. Prospect is mysteriously being avoided by this bird. 🤔

There were scant reports of straggler Warblers like BLACKBURNIAN at Lookout Hill top. An apparent nester. Indigo bunting on Butterfly Meadow with a Great Created Flycatcher and Eastern Wood Pewee peered down from one of the Pin Oaks.

Update. Mourning warbler plus Wilson's warbler reported at Vale Cashmere pool 330