Wednesday, May 8, 2019

mixed bag day

A sort of a mixed bag day with reports of birds actually coming in but sporadic in various locations in Prospect. Although i was quite busy today when during a staff birding walk  we didn't see any evidence of numbers but here and there single sightings of birds.

My staff walk that only went for an hour  was successful especially with coworkers and staffers  having birded their first time.So how about a male adult SCARLET TANAGER and a posed close GREEN HERON  to make an impression?  The tanager was behind the Pagoda bandshell and the heron in front of the Lower Pool gate. WE also picked up  song sparrow, common yellowthroat, magnolia warbler, blue gray gnatcatcher and gray catbird among our list birds.

The word from birders I met say there were numbers and diversity. Scattered throughout the park, and more of here and there: for example PARULA,CHEST NUT SIDED. BLACKPOLL WARBLERS at Lookout Hill summit; INDIGO BUNTINGS at Butterfly Meadow and Lamppost 249 at Well Drive; YELLOW THROATED VIREO at Lower Pool.

I hope to see more reports later when possible

ps  more reports:  White crowned sparrow in Prospect, bay breasted warbler on Lookout Hill summit, orchard oriole in Greenwood Cemetery, Blue Grosbeak continues in Owls Head Park