Saturday, December 14, 2013

Christmas Count KINGS: the brief word

Obviously weather having a great impact, the count today matches the lowest number of species since 1981. With only 110 species, we gave it our best shot, but Mother Nature had the last word.

 Prospect Park tallied only 49 species, with 2 CACKLING GOOSE topping the list, seen at the west shore of Prospect Lake. RUSTYBLACKBIRD, 3 seen at the Binnen Pool area, WINTER WREN south lake shore, AMERICAN TREE SPARROW in the BBGarden are quality species .

Obvioulsy this year's count, reflecting in this winters historic irruption, was SNOWY OWL! 15 birds quadrupled the all time previous high of 4 ( from 1937). So we got only 110 species...but its a memorable CBC in Kings...bottom line in this gorgeous winter landscape, we all had fun....

This year's count was strange when Tufted Titmouse was only seen in One place, Prospect and Snowy Owls outnumbered the count circle's total Black capped Chickadee number of only 4!

More later when I get the total numbers from Rick Cech , our I sleep,its been a long tiring day...