Thursday, December 19, 2013

Greenwood CemeteryRHWP /Prospect Peregrine & Rusties

Orrin reported the juvenile RED-HEADED WOODPECKER this morning , the bird that was counted on the Xmas Count in GWC. Photo is below by Orrin . It was seen in the vicinity of Hassan and Elliot Roads just south of the main gate at 25th street ( Castle Arch). See the GWC map link on the side menu MAPS

While my crew and I were clearing ice from the new rink grounds in anticipation of the grand opening tomorrow, a delightful observation of the PEREGRINE FALCON overhead , then circling back towards the Peninsula mid morning.

The RUSTY BLACKBIRDS continue. Janet Zinn reported one at Binnen Bridge ( Boathouse) and 2 by Binnen Pool area, the Nethermead field.



Orrin :

green-wood cemetery this morning.  Highlight was a juvenile red-headed woodpecker (picture attached).  Other highlights were a white-breasted nuthatch and a flock(!) of two chickadees. Also, many blue jays, juncos, red-bellied woodpeckers, and ring-billed gulls overhead.  Not much else.