Monday, December 16, 2013

Prospect + Count week birds

Brown Creeper, photo by Karen O'Hearn

Count week ends tomorrow , therefore any NEW species not reported on the Count Day last Saturday adds to the CBC totals either overall or by region.So is the case today , with three species reported to me , 2 for Prospect and one for the Greenwood Cemetery area, 2 overall new.

Dale Dyer reported to me hearing COMMON RAVEN above his home at Ave C and East 4th. This adds to the overall circle total

Additionally , Karen O'hearn , one of my group members saw a BROWN CREEPER new for Prospect ( not the overall circle)  and GOLDEN CROWNED KINGLET, the latter not seen in the overall circle count ( circle is the 15 miles radius area). Ruby Crowned was a miss.the Creeper was on the Peninsula; the GC Kinglet 2 at the Lullwater cove platform at the east end of the Nethermead,2 Peninsula, 1 at Breeze Hill feeders

While not a new species , WOOD DUCK continues at the Three Sisters' Islands, 8 staying close to shore in open water on the east side of the easternmost island. One other drake was with the Shovelers at the northwest sector of the Lake. On Count Day , 10 were seen, that set a new record for highest ever in a Kings CBC busting a previously high of 4.

There's no sign of the Cackling Geese, the presumption being these were "bad weather" birds forced down and scooted as soon as good weather came thru. We aren't complaining, perfect timing being the luck of the draw , coming in on Xmas Count Day.