Monday, December 9, 2013

PUBLIC ALERT! Snowy Owls being shot at JFK Airport

PUBLIC ALERT!  Snowy Owls being shot at JFK Airport

In very distressing news. after a reported Snowy Owl was sucked into an idling plane engine, the Port Authority decided in a easy knee jerk decision issued a kill order for any Snowy Owls found on airport grounds.3 were shot with a shotgun over the weekend.

These owls can be successfully trapped and relocated far away by a expert bird bander or animal rescurer, whatever.Logan Airport in Boston does this and very successfully with a Mass Audubon expert ona voluntary basis for this irregular seen species. ( or hire a seasonal trapper for a pittance cost to the airlines and airport)

A petition has circulated to stop this wanton , stupid decision.

here is the petttion link

here is the NYC Daily News account

OR you can issue a call to the NY and NJ State govenors  who jointly control the Port Authority

 from Dave Burg of WildMetro who posted to Facebook

I have spoken to an assistant to the Gov this morning. NYC office number is (212) 681-4573. Please call and tell them to trap and remove snowy owls at NYC Airports, do not shoot. Govs of NY and NJ appoint Port Authority Board. Past time to dismantle Port Authority in favor of more responsive and open port management. See current news stories on how PA in NJ allegedly closed George Washington Bridge entrance lanes to create traffic tie-ups in Fort Lee because the mayor there did not back Gov. Christie. And note they are spending a billion plus to modify Bayonne Bridge for ships rather than put in rail connection to Brooklyn, the natural deep water port of the Harbor. All of this has enviro impact.

 from also the Ebird Yahoo listserve string discussion

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Good suggestions from Seth.

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> I believe that any communication is helpful, despite what the person at the contact phone number said. Two suggestions:
> (1) You can contact the Port Authority directly by sending a message from their web site at:

> (2) Contact the NYSDEC Region 2 Natural Resources Supervisor at and ask them to engage with the Port Authority to stop the practice of shooting the owls.
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>> Thanks Betsy for this information. I think it is horrendous that such a time sensitive and destructive issue can only be addressed by snail mail in this day and age. I am doing as you suggest, but still urge all to flood Cuomo's office with phone calls. (518) 474-8390
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>>> I did call the NYC phone # given this morning in order to register my sentiments re: Snowy Owls being shot at JFK. The call was routed to Albany where is was kindly and carefully explained to me that this issue needs to be addressed by the public in writing, hard copy, snail mail if it is ever going to reach the agency (DEC) that will most likely address it. The woman said that one should also request a reply with contact info. so that you can follow up if you want to.
>>> I asked about e-mailing and the woman said the way the system worked in Albany it should only be hard copy. They scan them into their system and then send all letters regarding a particular issue on the the agency that will most likely address it. She explained if it is not done by hard copy your complaints will enter a big black hole. For what it's worth............................this is the address I was given.
>>> New York State Govenor's Correspondence Unit
>>> 1 Commerce Plaza
>>> 99 Washington Ave.
>>> Albany, NY 12231