Thursday, December 12, 2013

waterfowl of Prospect

GADWALLS are sitting pretty,3 in the Upper Pool after my work shift ended. Then 3 more on Prospect Lake makes its a high 6. Methinks that's a good number for the park

While on the lake discussion, most intriguing,as I saw them from the Peninsula shore,  a very good 9 WOOD DUCKS ,trailed by 5 HOODED MERGANSERS not far behind as the larger group headed for Three Sisters Islands. Add BLACK DUCK,SHOVELERS,RUDDY, and we have a decent waterfowl showing on this quite cold day.

Back to land, a YELLOW_BELLIED SAPSUCKER at the Terrace Bridge.The feeders are active, most notable for at least 27 RED_WINGED BLACKBIRDS with the usual species,one Cardinal staying put the whole time on one feeder.

This is count period now, with the Kings Big day this Saturday..but snow is coming and that may impact counting in the afternoon.So,get your. Birds early in and deal withe the flaky stuff later if you are participating.