Friday, September 19, 2014

A day of " dispersal" Prospect

I would liken this day to a day of dispersal,simply because from what I heard ,no major fallout occurred nor dense activity was observed; instead,it was reports of flurry action in a number of places that garnered a very good warbler specie numbers total .

There are several places that were hot little pockets. Some reported were: Peninsula thumb, south slope Breeze Hill,Ravine, Three Arches Bridge,& Lullwater. See the previous posts for the reports and list.

Most notable birds would fall under the Vireo genus. Rob Jett found a PHILADELPHIA VIREO at south slope Breeze Hill.I refound the rare vireo at the back edge Peninsula meadow,up in a cherry tree with bright sun upon it, accentuating the vireo's plumage during my post work walk.

And while I was with Phil Malek birding the Peninsula, we spotted two late fall typical species. The first was WHITE THROATED SPARROW in the thumb cove. Then as we did our circuit of the Peninsula, at the Pink beach, 5 NORTHERN SHOVELERS flew in and landed on the water. ( here they come ?)

Regarding warblers,TENNESSEE, a late LOUISIANA WATERTHRUSH,CAPE MAY, BLACK THROATED GREEN seen by birders, and a surge of NASHVILLE that I saw 4 of. Big number for me regarding the latter. Of the NASHVILLE,so gorgeous in fall plumage,one in the midslope atop Lookout Hill,two in Payne Hill ridge working the snakeroot flower and last one atop a goldenrod by the boathouse both Phil and I delighted watching.

Hawks also came through. Early this morning ,over Butterfly Meadow,two REDTAILED HAWKS were bothered by a territorial SHARP SHINNED HAWK.Later me and Kier watched an AMERICAN KESTREL hovered above .