Sunday, September 14, 2014

Escape exotic bird possible identity

Thanks to James Merwin,Mark Veaters observation might be this species James researched.

Regardig exotic bird in lower picture contained in 13 September blog posting from Mark Veater: I didn't see the bird in the park; haven't seen it in the wild or in captivity; and I'm not making an ID. Nonetheless, the best match that I found on the internet when I googled "cacique birds" is a picture of what I believe is a Yellow Winged Cacique, although the bill is proportionately different than in Mark's photo. I've attached a link the picture below; but in way of a caveat, other pictures of Yellow Winged Caciques, as well as Yellow Rumped Caciques, show different proportions to head, body, and bill. Please let Mark know what I found as I hope that the picture may be of value to him. Feel free to post on your blog if you feel that it is of general interest. Jim

KB note , Links to come..unable to post right now.