Tuesday, September 30, 2014

what action today

Besides the elusive Rail report,on this slow day, an active spot at Upper Pool.

First if you love WOOD DUCKS,the oak water snag at the back of the Upper Pool is worthy to look.On that thought, a beautiful sight to see twenty of these gorgeous ducks on the large oak snag. It deserves your visit.

Then in the Wildflower meadow a little song bird action.Despite sometimes difficult looks with the dense grasses and flowers,I spotted three INDIGO BUNTINGS,one a changing male with bright sky blue wings.Among the number of AMERICAN GOLDFINCH, in the elms backdrop, a RUBY CROWNED KINGLET and handsome BLUE HEADED VIREO worked the leaves.

Well Drive also had action.Warblers along there as Karen OHearn and I watched, BLACKBURNIAN,BLACKPOLL,NORTHERN PARULA,YELLOW RUMPED  and a NORTHERN WATERTHRUSH nearly crushed by a giant Snapping Turtle in the marsh near the rail sighting. Its was a Goliath !

And a last note regarding the juvenile GREAT CORMORANT: it ranges widely around Prospect Lake.This afternoon it perched prominently on the water snag at West Island ,with a DOUBLE CRESTED CORMORANT.