Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Great Cormorant records

A check of Cornell Ebirds revealed this list ; the ones in red are accepted by me.

 Looks like including last nites bird the 4th record for Prospect Park.Name of observer figures in immeasurably.


2014-05-101Heydi LopesChecklistN
2014-05-101Rob JettChecklistN
2011-03-292Justin PotterChecklist
2011-03-126Martha HarbisonChecklist
2007-10-10XScott WhittleChecklist
2007-10-081D. Edward DavisChecklist
2007-10-081Carrie LabenChecklist
2007-10-081Carrie LabenChecklist
2007-10-08XScott WhittleChecklist
2007-10-07XScott WhittleChecklist
2007-10-06XScott WhittleChecklist
2001-11-191NYC Bird Report DataChecklist
2001-11-111Rob JettChecklistP
2001-10-211NYC Bird Report DataChecklist
2001-10-201NYC Bird Report DataChecklist
2001-10-181NYC Bird Report DataChecklist
2001-10-171NYC Bird Report DataChecklist