Monday, September 22, 2014

Prospect..there was a north wind

Sort of a snuck in north wind ,perhaps because it occurred on a Monday that caught me unawares,some birds were on the move.

A most amusing scene happened on the asphalt path adjoining the West Island mainland. First one NORTHERN WATERTHRUSH bobbed its best,going under a park bench.Shortly after a second WATERTHRUSH,this one whiter &  paler,joined the first on the pedestrian path and if that incensed an OVENBIRD ,so it did .The Ovenbird flew out of the woods and strutted mightily in front of the water thrushes:an academy award performance!

Right at this drama scene ,above in a beech tree at the bridle loop area was where I observed a BAY BREASTED WARBLER.Joining it was a few BLACKPOLL WARBLERS ,of a number of them in the south lake woods,from West Island towards 3 Sisters Islands. At one point,even above the park's south border iron fence ,I was surprised to see a BLACKBURNIAN WARBLER with some Blackpolls. It was an active area for birds,especially along the bridle trail between 3 Sisters and the water fountain near the Peristyle.

See my list in a previous post.

After work ,nothing much moved except for a trifecta of SHARP SHINNED HAWKS.Heading for the new West Woods restoration site at north Picnic house,I watched a stream of these hawks crossed over the Long Meadow towards the House from Payne Hill. Later, likely the same three reappeared above the Quaker Cemetery gate,fluttering with their classic flight as I made my way homeward.

In another note,Kathy Toomey reported a HOODED WARBLER in the cemetery's southwest woods; More specifically the depression or hollow or basin by whichever name.I passed by here to look but mothers with playing children already were in the area..maybe tomorrow.

Just a note. South woods lake side can be good as a staging area in fall. Its worth checking out on every visit . Two years ago,a fallout persisted for several days with the dawn redwoods the central stage.

-- kb