Monday, August 8, 2016

Birds on the move.,.

Some earlybirds made their move today with a number of warblers reported in Prospect. Nothing of the numbers sort but indicative of the bigger migration to come for songbirds.

First thing I spotted early morning was an unexpected
surprise. By the dirt track leading up to Lookout Hill summit from Butterfly Meadow ,a female or juvenile type ROSE BREASTED GROSBEAK fed on Virginia Creeper berries.

Kathy Toomey had the better day. Birding mostly on Peninsula turf in later morning, she reported several WARBLER species.Prominent species was ten YELLOW WARBLERS, backed by AMERICAN REDSTART,NORTHERN WATERTHRUSH, BLACK &WHITE WARBLER and good bird LOUISIANA WATER THRUSH. Throw in SPOTTED SANDPIPER and EASTERN PHOEBE for good measure. Eni Falci helped me get some of these species,as I'm beset by eye allergies.

Eni by the way had a BLUE WINGED WARBLER,but I forget where she said. But I have to thank Kathy for getting me a target fall bird Louisiana Waterthrush. While I was alerted to one Kathy saw at Three Arches bridge,that LOWA disappeared we  re found it upstream the ravine creek about 100 feet south of the Little Rock Arch.The bird was a beaut!

Watch for Northwest winds whenever possible.Its sure to be some birds riding on it.

Meanwhile over in Greenwood Cemetery, Orrin Tilevitz reported a few birds.Those birds include NORTHERN WATER THRUSH 3  REDSTART and BLACK THROATED BLUE WARBLER.