Monday, February 13, 2017

a windy day

As a winter enthusiast and recreationist, days that are gusty and very windy àre not my favorite. You have to deal with windchills,blown off hats, toppled over scopes , creaking branches that might fall on you..on the other hand,though you get the blown in birds. A case in point : COMMON MERGANSER.

I had to get more cough drops for my cold. So a wayward course though Prospect Lake west shore wouldn't hurt.From the early looks at the lake,it was pretty barren .The high wind drove the ducks towards the windbreak northwestern shores. The best birds I found was a single drake RING NECKED DUCK and the three HOODED MERGANSERS near the Well house. Not finding much else , I shot for the feeders.

Wildly swinging feeders I found, swaying under that wind.A single BLACK CAPPED CHICKADEE held on for dear life on a feeder as the wind howled and branches shook hard. Nothing else dare to come out. So seeing this dull yet nervous situation lest a limb fall on me, i headed out for the drugstore.

It was while at Walgreen's on Prospect Ave, I get Shane's tweet of the Common Merganser. Figures. The wind was generous after I left the park. Since I was nearby, I will go for it.Parked at the West shore rescue ladder,I had a hard time finding the merganser on the glare impacted water surface. And I thought to myself the bird took off,my luck with a touch down and go bird. But with more patience and lucky scanning, I see a white body bird dive: I got Shane' s bird. I spent time watching it dive constantly in front of Three Sisters Islands off about 200 feet. But lucky me,just beyond it, the Drake RED BREASTED MERGANSER appeared. And knowing I've seen the Hoodeds, I quickly looked to the Peninsula shore to record all three merganser species. I scored a merg hat trick ! ( that's a hockey term - 3 goals in a game)

It's pays to be lucky and willing to battle the elements.