Friday, February 17, 2017

GBBC begins

A good start to get the Prospect birds in the Great Backyard Bird count books. Although nothing spectacular to report, this day emphasizes citizen science at its best  in reporting birds of all kinds for the sake of science , research and ecetera for determining new trends, the health of our environment and the status of bird populations. Everyone should try to enter data no matter how few birds reported to a full day to wherever you are counting birds.

I took some time reporting two main venues in the park : the lake and the feeders. I didn't have much time for anything else. On the Lake , the good birds were missing with the exception of the two SNOW GEESE, seen sleeping on the black plastic by the Well Drive picnic tables. No merganser species were observed. A very high number of Canada Geese I found , likely staging occurring. The other very interesting observation regards the Northern Shoveler: they migrated out. I found only 7 birds, a steep drop from Decembers influx in the hundreds. February is dispersal month, when everything moves around or out when food supply is exhausted. RING NECKED DUCK continues to mingled, a drake seen by West Island. Likewise the pair of PIED BILLED GREBES hanging out by the Peninsula shoreline the other notable species.

The feeders are fine, after a refill, I waited and some birds came in. I had 12 species. Tops was the RED BREASTED NUTHATCH that zipped in and out quickly. Check the list embedded for the complete report.

Tomorrow the Brooklyn Bird Club has a walk to celebrate midwinter's event. Join in and relish the scientific participation and camaraderie.

Update: Kathy Toomey reported the RUSTY BLACKBIRD at the feeder saround 1:45 this afternoon...