Saturday, February 25, 2017

Raven,woodcock & redheads

The slow pace of birding during this transitory period is peppered by a few nice sightings.
Namely,reports of nest minded Ravens,a stay put woodcock and Redhead Ducks close enough to Brooklyn.

This morning Tripper Paul spotted Common Ravens gathering nest material in Greenwood Cemetery Sylvan Water area. Then some time later,Gus Keri seeing Ravens carrying nest material over Bush Terminal park,flying north.Its believed the Ravens are heading back to the same spot last year,in the vicinity of 39th st and 1st Avenue on a warehouse roof.

Tripper also reported the stationary AMERICAN WOODCOCK by the " magic tree" ( so called for a spectacular warbler wave last fall in that big beech tree on Cypress & Vine Avenues). The Woodcock was closer to a nearby Tulip tree.

And last,Redheads are around. Thursday, Linda Ewing mentioned seeing 8 Redheads in Ridgewood Reservoir middle basin with some Ring necked Ducks. It appears to be a regular Redhead site, right next to Kings county line.