Monday, February 27, 2017

Same old Same old

Prospect Lake continues to reveal the same old duck species of the past weeks with the exception of the very recent hilight GREEN WINGED TEALS.

This morning as I passed the West Island Island cove, I spotted the three GREEN WINGED TEAL  wading across the mouth of that cove towards the Hammerhead Peninsula. When I drove over to the shore, I couldn't find them, a quick disappearing teal act. Perhaps they flew somewhere else; maybe they like to hide in the phragmites. In which case, the two drakes and single hen are hanging around.

The array of other ducks continue to be the same. A pair of drake RING NECKED DUCK by the teal spot; three AMERICAN WIGEON along the west Island mainland benches; Drake WOOD DUCK at the Duck island gazebo; RUDDY, with one or two birds showing reddish flanks, AMERICAN BLACK resting at West Island and three remaining NORTHERN SHOVELERS.

The long lingering SNOW GEESE pair were spotted at west shore; a single PIED BILLED GREBE was all over the lake .