Wednesday, February 8, 2017

prospect lake late afternoon

With sun splashed Prospect Lake before the snow storm comes, several duck species plus the persistent SNOW geese took advantage of the great spring like weather.

With the lake main islands holding a particular quality duck species, the rest of the lake held the RUDDY and NORTHERN SHOVELERs. Each of the islands harbored their own species : West island with the AMERICAN WIGEONS; Three sisters with the lingering Drake RING NECKED DUCK; and Duck island with the diving pair BUFFLEHEADS. Theres now a pair of Drake RED BREASTED MERGANSERS, minus the hen,this pair well traveled all around the lake.

Also observed the Snow Geese sailing from the northwest section wading toward the Three Sisters.Out in the lake middle, another pair this being the PIED BILLED GREBE.With setting sun illumination, the grebes necks looked tawny reddish.

Let's see what the snow may bring in.