Friday, February 17, 2017

Fwd: Saving Jamaica Bay to Air on PBS

Tomorrow on PBS ( Channel 13) 

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documentary to 

PBS Television Debut

Saturday, February 18
1:00 pm
New York/New Jersey public television station WNET 13

Sunday, February 26
9:00 pm
New York/New Jersey PBS affiliate Channel 21
Learn how a community fought government inaction over environmental issues, and overcame the devastating effects of Hurricane Sandy to clean up and restore the largest open space in New York City.  

Gather your friends and family to watch this fascinating documentary, narrated by award-winning actress Susan Sarandon.
A prominent voice in the film is Don Riepe, Director of the Littoral Society's Northeast Chapter and a resident of Broad Channel. Riepe, who is the Littoral Society's Jamaica Bay Guardian™, has dedicated his life to protecting and restoring Jamaica Bay.
The location of Jamaica Bay, combined with the rich food resources found there, make it a regionally important fish, wildlife, and plant habitat. It's geographic location acts to concentrate marine and estuarine species migrating between the New York Bight portion of the North Atlantic, the Hudson River and the Raritan River estuary.
Jamaica Bay supports seasonal or year-round populations of 300 species of birds, 100 species of finfish, 50 different kinds of butterfly, and a host of human residents.
You can help save Jamaica Bay.

Please, click here to support the American Littoral Society and our efforts to protect and restore the critical ecology of Jamaica Bay.