Sunday, October 8, 2017

A remarkable little grassland spot

Given its little size perhaps an acre large ,the Brooklyn botanic garden grasslands section is a remarkable location. For a grassland not in Prospect park, it's a magnetic spot for rare fall birds.

Joshua started things with his productive morning report. The continuing DICKCISSEL joined now by a BOBOLINK gives motivation to come see for ourselves. Adding WHITE CROWNED SPARROWS and quality number of INDIGO BUNTINGS makes any visit enticing.

On my mid-afternoon visit,I saw all of Joshua's bird except for the still elusive Dickcissel. The BOBOLINK really was a treat! First found feeding on aster buds adjacent to the upper dirt trail,I experienced a long look; even better,it came down on the trail for a spectacular longer look.

The dirt trail closest to berm pines by the way hosted sparrows.I saw the juvenile WHITE CROWNED with several CHIPPING.Also Song joined in : I didn't see Field seen by Joshua.

Dennis and Kristin reported a decent number of INDIGO BUNTINGS spread out.

In retrospect,the BBG created a terrific habitat that's fast becoming the go-to spot of early fall. Even into winter with all those dried flower buds, hopefully we get more great stuff worth checking time after time.