Saturday, October 7, 2017

BBG Grasslands

An unseasonably warm muggy day flat lined the birding today. There wasn't much to report except for what was seen at the Brooklyn botanic garden grasslands of the Native flora.

Hoping to see the Dickcissel of recent days,I struck out. Looking at every darn house sparrow is an irritation. As Joshua Malbin came along,the only exciting bird up to the moment was a CHIPPING SPARROW. Then Joshua pointed out a WHITE CROWNED SPARROW,later a pair in the pitch pine sapling at the pond edge while along with Maude Brown ,we three watched the nice sighting of juveniles. Earlier Joshua saw a warbler that wasn't a Common Yellowthroat. As has been my bad luck this fall when I left 25 minutes later,an ORANGE CROWNED WARBLER popped out for Joshua at 1140.

But no Dickcissel; it must sleep in very late.

KB Note: Dickcissel was reported by Ryan Candee later. See I said it was a late sleeper.

Also note in Owls head park,Gus reported CLAY COLORED SPARROW; late GREAT CRESTED FLYCATCHER in Prospect per Tim Graves.