Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Seen in prospect today ( or yesterday) per Tweets

Just back home from northwest Connecticut leaf peeping trip. Land of no color and no wifi ! Just too warm for leaves to know.

Here's some tweets that just popped up where NYC wifi works
@KarenOhearn: Vesper sparrow continues at LeFrak center. South side at grassy knoll

@KarenOhearn: Field and Vesper and a whole bunch of other sparrows at Sparrow bowl. Also Orange-crowned Warbler still here

@KingsKathy: Blue Grosbeak by Wellhouse containers

[10/17, 9:30 AM] ‪+1 (917) 324-2735‬: Adult White-crowned Sparrow Prospect Butterfly Meadow
[10/17, 10:17 AM] ‪+1 (917) 324-2735‬: Orange-crowned Warbler Prospect Sparrow Bowl
[10/17, 12:54 PM] ‪+1 (917) 324-2735‬: Clay-colored Sparrow back at LeFrak. Lots of acitivity. 6 Warbler species including 2 OCWA, Rusty Blackbirds, Winter Wren and gobs of sparrows
The rest I will forward.