Saturday, October 21, 2017

Sparrow day for vespers

An excellent infusion of Sparrows this morning that was highlighted by the VESPER SPARROW. A gorgeous sunny day that warmed up measurably but across the general area saw a very good movement of sparrows in certain parks.

Sean Sime-- at Brooklyn Botanic garden grassland section --witnessed hundreds of sparrows in that small area.

The same for a dense fallout according to Heather Wolf happened at Brooklyn bridge park pier one lawn,barely an acre plot. Remarkable in that small areas held so many sparrows bursting at the seams.

A fallout of rare VESPER SPARROWS today. Bobbi Manian reported one at Bush Terminal park; Heather Wolf saw one at pier six in the pier end lawn; I found one standing on the moat wall of Fort Jay's south wall. The latter was re-found 538 pm by Ben Cacace. In other parts of Brooklyn, two more Vespers are recorded.

On my leisured trek on Governor's, I also found AMERICAN PIPIT walking on the reseeded portion of the Parade ground. Slow birding on Governor's thanks to the late morning first ferry,I observed a Red tailed Hawk on a radio tower.

Of interest is EASTERN BLUEBIRD. This sighting occurred in Greenwood cemetery at Forest avenue as relayed by Ed Crowne.

To finish off my report, Sean had good Prospect birds:a WHITE CROWNED SPARROW at Butterfly meadow; ORANGE CROWNED WARBLER at the Sparrowbowl.