Sunday, October 22, 2017

After sparrows, blackbirds

Post sparrow migration comes the Blackbirds. And late October peaks with blackbirds. On my casual Sunday Prospect walk,that blackbird presence was evident.

In the phragmites marsh between West island and the rustic shelter, COMMON GRACKLE S are busy feeding. The frenzy of about 60 birds moving through the stalks made it impossible to discern a different species. About an hour later I looked up from the Maryland Monument and watched a brief stream of flying grackles flying northeast over the Terrace bridge. I do know the estimated 225 birds didn't stop down for the Breeze hill Smogasbord.

On Prospect Lake,the Ruddy duck flock is increasing,at least 125 birds. Northern shovelers seem around the usual from the past week ,around 15 birds.