Sunday, October 1, 2017

Greenwood Cemetery water spots

Greenwood was the better option this morning at its renown Crescent and Dellwater ponds with rare birds reports.

Topping the list,a SUMMER TANAGER visited the  east slope above Crescent pond. This slope at the base saw CLAY COLORED SPARROW . Then along the water ,an ORANGE CROWNED WARBLER,described as a gorgeous specimen appeared. Tripper and Daisy Paul were the observers with Ryan Goldberg spotting the Clay colored first.

The SUMMER TANAGER hung around ,seen sipping water 1140 at Dellwater edges.

Over in Prospect, what's seen in greenwood also reported;both CLAY COLORED SPARROW and ORANGE CROWNED WARBLER as well, respectively Well drive and Peninsula tip. Though not as rare as the Summer Tanager,a nice find in RUSTY BLACKBIRD by Duck  Island reported by Kathy Toomey. See previous post below for details.