Wednesday, May 1, 2019

colorless warblers around the Upper Pool track

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Today's tough lighting conditions with the harsh overcast sky made looking at warblers a tough task. Sometimes it was impossible to make out those colorless warblers opting to stay high up in the tree canopy at Upper Pool back path towards Falkill Falls.

CERULEAN WARBLER made it the top reward for birders at the Upper Pool back woods. First heard and seen at the Rocky Pass Lower Pool slope, it eventually made thru the morning a slow track along the path towards Falkill Falls. I stopped by on my lunch hour and was told it was heard by Falkill Falls Bridge. But it was a tough customer proving elusive in the high canopy. So did other warbler species, particularly a way high  HOODED WARBLER, YELLOW THROATED WARBLER, BLUE WINGED WARBLER and PRAIRIE, which did though come down a little bit for some birders. A WORM EATING WARBLER opted to be the only cooperative low bird, seen somewhere in the vicinity of Lower Pool. The mixed flock rotates and moves around in this general area all morning.

Warblers are on the move. Besides Upper Pool , the T junction at Center Drive and West Drive was active when I passed by Kathy and Karen , usual warblers but better to see anything with the terrible light handed us.

A notable observation at Upper Pool involved MERLINS. A pair flew other at Falkill Falls Bridge during my noon time search for the Cerulean...