Sunday, January 27, 2013

Raven versus Red Tailed Hawk

Matthew Wills reported a RedTailed Hawk and Common Raven battling over Greenwood Cemetery this morning. A rare species yet reported with increased regularity, COMMON RAVEN is about the same size as the hawk it tangled with.

Winter may be slow, but those special moments can be rewarded with sightings as today's. You just need the willpower to get out there and enjoy the cold.( Note: no evidence that the Raven is from Baltimore, football fans) --KB


post from Matthew:

Witnessed an aerial ballet/battle between a red-tailed hawk and common raven over Green-Wood Cemetery this morning at 10:35. Lasted 5-7 minutes, with the birds circling around each other and the hawk being the main aggressor, dive-bombing the raven. They worked their way south with a few vocalizations from the raven. This was my first sighting of a raven within the bounds of Brooklyn.