Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Early good waterfowl reports; todays PP report inc YBChat

At Brooklyn Bridge Park , pier 5, a quality duck not often seen in this area though most reliably along the northern brooklyn waterfont is CANVASBACK , reported this morning by Keir Randall.

On Prospect Lake, John Ascher reports the SNOW GOOSE back. This bird is erratically on the clock.

I spotted the drake RED-BREASTED MERGANSER on the latter. No sign of the Common Merg. At least 12 HOODED MERGANSERs


early PM report

The YELLOW-BREASTED CHAT resurfaced, appearing first at the base of the switchback trail but re spotted by Rob Jett around 245 pm behind the Terrace Bridge green shipping container , then moving into the lullwater north a short distance where i happened to be fixing fence, lucking in with my first sighting of my "nemesis 2013" 1st season warbler.It was seen feeding on bittersweet vine berries on the slope adjacent to the Terrace Bridge, then flying back down towards the underpass.

Winter finches still the same story , present with WHITE-WINGED CROSSBILLS and PINE SISKINS according to Chris Elliot.

Also of note  the three Mergansers are still present on the lake, the continuing saga of these three species fpr birders to enjoy.


Report from Chris Elliot:

Hi Peter,

Walking in Prospect this morning, I had a number of the interesting species recently reported, continuing. There was a lot of activity, perhaps because of the warmth, especially large roaming songbird feeding flocks.

* Common (1), Red-breasted (1), and Hooded Mergansers (12! above the surface at once) - all in a group near ladder 18 and the phragmites at the base of the Peninsula, northwest corner of Prospect Lake;

* White-winged Crossbills (3), which I almost didn't see because they were feeding on the ground in a large, mixed flock including dominated by White-throated Sparrows, but including Fox Sparrow, Red-bellied Woodpecker, Black-capped Chickadees, Blue Jays, Downy Woodpecker, and American Goldfinches, in the woods just west of and across the street from the Zoo,  see photos ---->

* Yellow-breasted Chat (1), where it's been seen recently at the base of Lookout Hill, visible (perching twice on snags and calling) from the base of the Switchback trail, just to the southwest

* Pine Siskins (6) along the east Lullwater path north of the feeders

* Peregrine Falcon (1) diving on gulls near the Lake, as it has been recently