Thursday, January 10, 2013

Prospect and environs Jan 10th: a day for raptors

Stealing attention from the "showy " Yellow Breasted Chat and a single Common Redpoll,  among Prospect's rarities recent output, raptors took the day's honors.

Most exciting in the morning was Linda Lamm's report of a flyover BALD EAGLE in the Prospect Heights neighborhood, on Flatbush Ave's east side not far from Prospect Park. Keir Randall mentioned Linda's great find.So, a note to look up as eagles do migrate during Januaries , oftentimes, water bodies freeze upstate forcing these northern resident raptors southward.

Then , as I was looking just after noon for COMMON REDPOLL (CORE)  after Keir's report of a single bird (CORE)  in a sweetgum  along Center Drive near Quaker Cemetery, I observed a free for all  chase of one MERLIN chasing a second MERLIN over the Three Arches Nethermead Bridge, going over the meadow , back towards the Ravine , then over the bridge towards the Binnen Pool. Nice to see that drama and fun to watch.

Last among the raptor "fest" ( for a winter day, not a dull moment these days), after my tweet alert regarding the YELLOW-BREASTED CHAT-- seen by Bob O'Neill -- on the slope between the Lamppost 249  and 2 green shipping containers on Well Drive, Doug Gochfeld texted me of a RED-SHOULDERED HAWK at that same particular spot. ( oh, another raptor the Chat has to worry  about !).

I am thinking with the Chat's vibrant cooperation of relaying a simple mention of its daily whereabouts. It's too showy....and adventurous as well with the expansive ground it covers.