Thursday, January 31, 2013

Prospect Lake brief, Raven out there

A very brief look at the lake which now has opened quite abit , about 75 % of the main body , saw the returning and loyal RED-BREASTED MERGANSER drake; A few HOODEDS , 17 NORTHERN SHOVELERS and 27 AMERICAN COOTS  obviously are all happy  for wide open water. Some ice remain along the south sector of the lake but  just a surprisingly small group of gulls. Nothing special . Its another day for the good one.

Chris Holden dropped a line tonight  regarding Ravens, and he saw one flyover over Maimonides Hospital , just as "far as the crow flies " ( pun) from Greenwood Cemetery down Ft Hamilton Parkway. Winter time: raptors, corvids and winter finches..can beat the winter blues that way....