Thursday, February 25, 2016

day of the small gull

Gus Keri on his facebook page today showed two small gull species that i don't ever recalled happening the same day in Prospect Lake. One is the lingering but erratic BLACKHEADED GULL; the other is a common species on our coast but rare for the park : BONAPARTES GULL.

Both species can be separated by their color of tbeir bills: Red for the Blackheaded,black for the Bonapartes.You can see Gus' photo and video of the Bonys on his facebook page

Also of interest is two merganser species. The duo of HOODED was joined by RED BREASTED, the latter quite uncommon maybe seen twice yearly here..

So, the coast comes to Prospect Lake. A good day for Gus.

Update : Gus Keri's checklist with photos