Saturday, February 13, 2016

Great Backyard Bird Count Checklist – Prospect Park, New York – Sat Feb 13, 2016 – 24 species

Baby its cold out there!

Frigid temperatures impacted not only bird activity but also my double gloved hands. Even with that protection the bone chilling gusty winds had much effect birding.I braved the cold after a morning of home errands and pursued my daily streak of counting for the Great Backyard Bird Count.

There isn't much to say on my walk but note the feeders having the most say. First it was the RED TAILED HAWK,then those winter hardy AMERICAN GOLDFINCHES ravishing the thistle of gold.

As I approached the feeders ,one of the RED TAILED s flew over me from behind and buzzed the feeders, a low fly in acting like some accipiter:just ten feet over the feeders in an audacious maneuver! The RTHA then kept going and banked left over the Lullwater.Later I found the big hawk perched by Maryland Monument ,momentarily joined by a second RTHA before that bird flew southeast. For a polar vortex day, I would appreciate that scenery.

Thistle of gold. When I refilled the feeders, you cannot believe the birds delight,especially the GOLDFINCHES--imagine counting 22 of them on that thistle feeder ,smothering the feeder! With cold weather prospects far and few, the precious moments truly count.( and the seed !)

A frozen lake yield little despite more open water.The gusty winds kept water birds out of those center openings.

Stay warm